Easy Money in Black Ops

Having played through all game types on the Black Ops multiplayer I have realised that there are allot of ways to make in game money. Some are allot harder than others. The two easiest ways to make money are entirely dependant on how confident you are in your Black Ops skills. So I have broken it down into two sections:

If you consider your skills to be above average and have no problems stringing skills together then wager matches are the way forward for you. You can really rack up the cash here and i am in the middle of doing a full post on this so please check back soon.

If your skills, still need a bit of refining, then the way forward is easy black ops contracts. That post will help you chose the easiest contracts to obtain the fastest return and with the help of a Black ops easy class set up you will be flying. You don’t need to be a CoD pro to pick up some of the lower contracts and as you can do them once an hour you can rack up some quick cash.

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