Minecraft Quick Start Guide – First Day

As promised I have done my first Minecraft official video. The hardest thing for me to decide was where to start? “At he beginning” a small nagging voice said (aka “the wife”). So I settled on producing a very in depth, informative and serious quick start guide to Minecraft. FAIL! Unfortunately all I managed to produce was me, very quietly bumbling my way through a new start on a new world while dropping in some pretty poor and tasteless jokes. I should really have done a second take (or maybe a third) but again thanks to my crippling laziness and “that will do” attitude, I didn’t.

In short the video will show you what I do every time I start a new world, with a few quick tips thrown in that will make surviving the first few harrowing nights allot easier. It also shows you how to craft all the necessary tools that will allow you to easily harvest resources and go on to pimp out your first safe house. So I have put the video (and embed code) for your viewing pleasure and don’t worry if it is not detailed enough for you, I am planning on doing a Quickcraft series of vids that will break down all aspects of Minecraft into easily understandable bite sized chinks. Anyway, have a watch and I hope you enjoy:

Video by Man Fat

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2 Responses to Minecraft Quick Start Guide – First Day

  1. Dear Nick,
    Thanks for the above, ok i was playing and it was fine 0 lagg i turn it off go to sleep turn my pc back on and its laggin (not really bad just a quick spike every 20 or so seconds but its kind of annoying i want to start doing the screen recording but with lagg spikes it would look bad) but its been like that all day i have reset my pc turned my pc off and it did not fix it i turned the view to tiny and the graphics to fast (with the day it was not lagging i had few as far and graphics as fancy) my pc can play wow with no lagg in any raid 25 man… why is it lagging single player minecraft all of a sudden?
    Kindest Regards

  2. Nick says:

    Hello stranger (you did not leave your name)

    Are you playing in browser, online or offline?

    Depending on how you play depends on your problem. Personally I record offline as it produces the best results.


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