What was your favourite game you played this year?

Narrowing down one great game for 2010 is no mean feet as I have played allot more games this year than I probably should have. But, after much deliberation I have managed to pick my favourite game. Its probably a none controversial decision as it is one of the best selling games of 2010 and I have done a couple of post already on it, it’s Call of duty Black Ops. Don’t moan at me for picking something obvious as I have good reasons for my actions. The standard of games released this year has been unusually high but from my personal perspective Call of duty Black ops has ticked all the boxes. To show this I have broken it down into three sections to show the “ticked boxes”.

Single Player (Story Mode)
NO SPOILER, don’t worry if you have not played it I am not saying anything about the overall story line. Yes, as usual with nearly all fist person shooters the over running story line is “One man takes on the world” but you have to remember, its not the story line your interested in, its the way it is told to you. No mater what twists and turns they put into a story now we have seen it all before (probably ten times over) so they cant really introduce anything “new” to the mix. What they can do is immerse you in the story so that you buy into the games world that in turn leads to you growing affinities (love, hate or other emotion) for different characters. For me, this game delivered this in spades. This is something that the call of duty brand has been bringing to the table for the last few games they have released. In my opinion it is very difficult for a first person shooter to do this as it needs to be done with cut scenes and in action exchanges. If done wrong this can lead to people hammering the skip button more than the loud trigger as most of the time you just want to get to the action and shoot something, but call of duty seam to have hit the sweet spot for me and deliver just enough cut scene to shooter action. To top it all off there is a totally random and brilliant ending (after the credits) that makes it for me.

Multi Player
This to me is on of the most important elements of any new game as it extends the games “play life” from a couple of hours to a couple of months and I do not have enough good things to say about Black ops multi player experience. The maps are varied and exciting, the action is fast paced and satisfying, the characters customisations are endless and the levelling system is inspired. The introduction of in game money is a really good idea as it allows people to purchase perks and weapons specific to them and how they want to play the game. This means that you don’t have games full of snipers or “noobtubers” like the previous CoD offerings. The difficulty level has not been set to high either and there is always a Black ops easy class set up that will allow even the new players a chance to get their hands on some Easy Money in Black Ops. Another great addition to the multi player experience is the addition of contracts. These are more or less mini challenges within the multi player game that when complete pay you money and there are plenty of Easy black ops contracts to take as well as much more challenging ones. The reason why contracts are such a good addition is that they make people choose weapons or perks that they would not normally use, this again in turn make the multi player experience even more varied. I don’t want to ramble on to much about the multi player so I will bring up one more positive, the player card tag. This is where a player gets to put symbol(s) that they chose to give them an identity. The choice of colour and symbol is staggering and when you combine this with 14 layers it can lead to some very funny and interesting tags.

Game Tec
The graphics have been upped again. I played through this game on the xBox 360 and am still amazed on how far it has come since its release. I have not had any problems with glitches from bad code or any problems with frame rate. The single and multi player is smooth and silky and the in game environments and back drops are epic. The controls are intuitive and as would expect to fined them (although it is frustrating that they are not the same as halo) and the menus are easily navigated and do not offend my eyes.

All these ticked boxes and I have not even mentioned the return of Zombies (that can be played on one console or across the internet) or the addition of a bunch of mini games, a FULLY interactive opening menu (get up and take a stroll around the room) or combat training. The only thing I can say to sum up Call of Duty Black Ops is that if you don,t have this in your game collection you must have a pretty good excuse, so please leave your “excuses” bellow… ;)

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7 Responses to What was your favourite game you played this year?

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  6. Anthony says:

    I played a bit of this at a friend’s house. It was a good time, but everytime I got the RC Car I blew it up right away thinking R was going to accelerate. Seriously — what racing game these days doesn’t use R to go? Not cool, Treyarch. Not cool.

  7. Terry says:

    Y’know I picked up Black Ops on release day and haven’t touched it yet. :(

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