Zoikz cheat codes (Zoikz)

I have been having a real mini game binge recently as I have still not replaced my MW2 after its shocking demise (read previous post for more details…. its a long story.. and a sad one).  Anyway, back to the point.  While on my binge i came across a game called Zoikz from Miniclip.  Its a tower defence game at its best.  I really should not need to tell you how this style of game works as they has been around longer than my son! Build your defences along a path to stop an ever growing number of funny little creatures from getting to the other side. Simpls, or is it? I am now a seasoned pro at the game having beaten level 3 as shown in another video. While on this epic journey I unlocked as many cheat codes as possible and have decided to share them with the world. So the ones I have managed to get are displayed bellow. I am also doing a vid for each so you can see there devastating or pathetic effects.
To get cheat code and video click below:

MiniPop 1000
FastBlast V2

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  10. jerry says:

    1. 195019521

    2. 235869550

    3. 872536228

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