Zoikz MicroSquib Cheat

A Quick video to show the MicroSquib in action. As stated in the previous article, the game is Zoikz from Miniclip.com.

This is the first cheat I got for a seriously low score.  I think putting a machine gun down is of more use than using this piece of crap.  Its range is so small it is practically useless.

CODE: 195019521

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4 Responses to Zoikz MicroSquib Cheat

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  2. B0NUS says:

    MegaBlaster E.M.P 3000 – 197819801


  3. Nick says:

    Thanks very much BoNUS. I could not get a hight enough score to unlock that cheat (and now i dont need to)

    Big Thanks

  4. ashok kumar gaur says:

    i want to know zoikz cheat coad

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